Couple's DEEP DIVe session 
understand your Relationship
 Assessment results
Imagine being able to see clearly where your relationship is strong and what areas 
require more attention?

This is achievable through booking your Deep Dive analysis session and taking an inventory of 
where your relationship is at right now.
Our evidence based Couple Inventory, assesses 22 areas including: 

Communication, Conflict Resolution, Finance, Affection and Sexual Intimacy, Family and Friends, Spiritual Beliefs, Self-Confidence, Assertiveness, and Personality.
May we assure you, that your willingness to take some time out to invest in your relationship and work on yourselves can only have a positive impact... which will most certainly help towards ensuring your relationship is Enjoyable, Vitalised and Long-lasting.

 Mark & Odette
Here Is What You Will Get In Your DEEP DIVE Session:
  • Access to the world's number 1 relationship assessment 
  • Receive a private couple to couple session to review your results
  • Discover your strength and growth areas and understand what that means for your relationship
  • Opportunity to enrol onto our powerful relationship enhancing programme
Join over 4 million engaged & Married couples in Taking The 
World's number 1 
relationship assessment
Access a private Couple to Couple Deep Dive Session with Mark & Odette Clayton. 
in-depth analysis and evaluation of your rePORT RESULTS
Learn more about Our Relationship Enhancing 'We're Stronger Together' Programme
Sessions are facilitated In-person or online (LIVE)
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